Dubai Urban Greenway

Location      Dubai SZR
Total GFA    60,000 sq.m
Status           Unbuilt
Client            RTA

World Architecture Festival 2019

Overall WAFX Winner
WAFX Smart Cities Winner
Finalist WAF Future Office
Finalist WAF Future Mixed-Use

World Architecture News 2019

Finalist WAN Future Mixed-Use

MEAA | Middle East Architect Award 2019

Finalist Concept Design of the year


Standing at the heart of Dubai, a desert city renowned for its pioneering vertical skyscrapers. X- Space sets out a new vision–that of the horizontal landscaper. As a nature and human oriented urban greenway, X-Space aims to provide connectivity to one of the world’s great metropolises. This public recreational, cultural, and communal space links the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, with the new Museum of the Future. At the epicentre of urban life and architecture, it runs atop Dubai’s major thoroughfare, Sheikh Zayed Road, converged into a tunnel when underearth the urban greenway. Linking tw Metro stations on a rail system, which has itself helped cut car usage, the project extends further along the highway. Across its one kilometre length, pathways entice pedestrians to abandon their motor vehicles in favour of the bicycle or simply the opportunity to walk at ease in a busy city, yet one increasingly aiming to provide connectivity through design on a human scale.

Even more, X-Space lends itself as the lungs for a city looking to cut its carbon footprint. Inspired by the sand which frequently sweeps across the highways of the United Arab Emirates, X-Space creates the opposite visual effect by covering itself in natural flora. Taking into account how the car in Dubai has long been regarded as king, X-Space further fosters the human experience by allowing walking amidst scopes replicating nature not often found in the urban city. It is an outdoor space naturally cooled by wind flow, water, and vegetation, hosting numerous arches and tall buildings on each side providing shade. 

In the heart of an urban framework of steel, concrete, and glass, X-Space offers a vibrant public and social connection to the multi-national and cross-cultural city of Dubai and its people.

Acting as an urban living room, X-Space provides opportunities for recreation, entertainment,  hysicality, and commerce all linked seamlessly to one another and easily accessible to the wider city. On three vertical levels offering amenities to its residents and Dubai’s citizens, X-Space  encourages a change in social practice. At the first level the urban greenway houses a tunnel accommodating Sheikh Zayed Road, followed by the second level holding a ground area with greenery, watercourses, and walkway. Moreover, at the third X-Space hosting an upper zone with housing, offices, retail outlets, food and beverage venues, and fitness facilities. With the many amenities and its varying promising experiences, the urban greenway manifests varied aspects of human-scale urbanism in a city where fragmentation has become the norm, but is increasingly being challenged both in theory and practice by current thinking and doing. 

Orientation also plays an important role in X-Space taking into account all cardinal directions within the city. Just as Sheikh Zayed Road connects the largest urban areas of the United Arab Emirates together, the urban greenway links together metropolitan aspects of Dubai. At its Southern extremity is one of the major symbols of the city¬–the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, a structure which provided a major architectural statement on the global stage. To the North is the Museum of the Future, a platform for the exploration of sustainability and environmental progress across the world. Lastly, from East to West, X-Space provides a link between spaces previously available only through walkways incorporated into Metro stations, hundreds of metres apart from each other.


Courtyard acts as community focus

Connectivity and interaction for a world leading city

The multi levels encompassing transportation a public realm and recreational & commercial facilities

High rise footpaths provide spectacular views of the
surrounding city skyline.

Transforming the city infrastructure through
sustainable and innovative design.

The multi levels encompassing transportation a public realm and recreational & commercial facilities

Walkways grass and trees and water features all combine to provide accessible paths and cycle ways to
encourage people away from their cars in line with current thinking in a city which is looking towards increasing
its connectivity and linking

The center is the Courtyard of Tolerance with the UAE national Ghaf tree at its heart.