Towering over the

Looking out across the waters of the Arabian Gulf, and the golden sands of the beach, is the planned luxury residential development of the Sail towers. With a graciuos and fluid design it distinguishes itself from the more functional structures making up the rest of the beachfront neighborhood. Inspired by the distinctly Arabic form of the dhows, the Sail Towers provide an unique design and building structure amongst others in the zone, and pay tribute to the emirate of Sharjah for its use of sails for the prosperous and regional activity of pear diving. 

The Sail Tower’s south side is built of a solid concrete structure made to protect the eminient sun rays that beam this ddirection most of the day. It also incorporates small openings, designed to bring in the same sea breezes that once powered the Arabic dhows, and provide healthy natural air to its residents. In contrast, the other side facing north has glass as its main material, allowing for residents to observe spectacular sea views to the north west. 

While residential life is the primary function of the the Sail Tower, many striking features both honoring the region’s climate and natural landscape are included in the structure. The tower operates to maximazie the residents’ experience, account for their architectural needs, and provide an air of relaxation as well as a feeling of care.

Location      Sharjah, UAE
Total GFA    68,000 sq.m
Status            Unbuilt
Client            EuroConsult

New landmark for Sharjah

Inside the Sail Tower, three floors of glazed penthouses comprise the top-most living spaces, while below are more resiedencies such as luxury apartments with stepped gardens offering the best possible viewing opportunities out across the water. On the lower levels are two swimming pools: one made for public realm, but the other, designed specifically for the use of ladies only, is distinguished by the addition of a wide variety of flora. Plants, trees, and shrubs add to the ambience and increase the natural cooling of the open space.

The podium–designed to resemble the hull of the ship, with the tower as its billowing sail– is given over to practicalities, such as car parking and drop-off points. Taking advantage of the beachside location, the Sail tower also offers retail outlets, as well as food and beverage from cafes and restaurants. Additionally, the vast space incirportaed into the strcuture allows for the necessary social distancing of these times, and for the intimacy of small family or friends groups to gather together and socialize by the seafront.

An express elevator, travelling through a shaft tapering to a dramatic pinnacle, leads the way up to the skygarden. Under a glazed canopy this topmost structure consists of three floors equipped with climate control offering a range of temperatures. Additional to the natural sunlight, air, and wind, the design incoorporates a device to make artificial rain. Under blazing blue skies, visible through the glass roof, visitors will be able to enjoy the feeling of water flowing down to refresh their spirits and bodies. Even more, the design is able to bring the cold polar regions and mountains to the desert by way of artificial snowfall in a part of the gardens. Advanced technology is designed to induce a billowing of snow, cooling the interiors and making them the best place to be during summer.
The striking aesthetics and sustainable construction alongside leisure and dwelling opportunities, make the Sail Tower an unique space contrasted to its immediate urban surroundings and bring something very new to the entire UAE.


The Sail tower also offers retail outlets, as well as
food and beverage from cafes and restaurants.


Rendering illustrating the podium and Retail area