Culture is born out of human interaction

Location      Abu Dhabi, UAE
Total GFA    5,500 sq.m
Status          Unbuilt
Client           Dorsch Holding

Interior Design
Landscape Design

Principle Architect

Mouaz Abouzaid

When envisioning the Art & Culture House in Abu Dhabi, an important and unprecedented factor we kept thinking of was the unique environment where the structure stands, an area known as Ghantoot where a watercourse meets the sea. We wanted the element of water in its forms to be part of the culture house’s architectural design, merging with its environment and in many ways celebrating it. As a repository of culture this house also needed to educate, encourage discussion, and provide a sense of arrival and welcoming to fulfil its role as a truly public building.

With this vision in mind, we set to design the Art & Culture House as an extension of the urban space in the form of a series of activity platforms. This concept and structure allow for a high degree of public interaction and ensures an approachability to the building, enticing the public to come inside. The culture house acts not just as a civic statement, but to provide a positive contribution to the urban realm in the field of learning as it enriches its users.

Culture is born out of human interaction–it needs people to enjoy, evaluate, reimagine, and participate amongst themselves. To ensure activity between people in the culture house’s space, the bleachers at the front of the building take the form of a tiered public square which can stage events of any kind (art, sports) or simply provide a place for leisure activities such  as picnics.

Aerial night view and the human interaction with the context.