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Location      Dubai, UAE
Total GFA    10,000 sq.m
Status          Unbuilt
Client           Emirates Airlines

Interior Design
Landscape Design

Principle Architect

Mouaz Abouzaid

The world is on the move and people are traveling more than they ever did. Whether for business or pleasure, people are visiting new cities and countries, even in remote parts of the world. All these are great incentives for the travel, aviation, and hospitality industry to grow. The Al Madheef complex functions as an answer for the rapid growth in the aviation sector in Dubai, specifically Dubai World Central (DWC) and its proposed position as a transportation hub, as well as a revival of the Arabian hospitality. To ensure a successful implementation, the project considers the social, economic, and geographical influences on the hospitality sector in Dubai as well. Located within a low-rise area, the complex has higher visual exposure that faces the Apron level and the main street between the airport and the city. In addition to the location, the site’s rectangular footprint allows the elongated side facade to be fully exposed to Al Maktoum Airport, maximizing the urban visual experience of the project. 

The concept for Al Madheef is fractal architecture, an innovative direction in the design and development of architectural form, rooted in the principles that govern the geometry of natural form.

In terms of the design and use of space, the Al Madheef complex consists of airport operation facilities such as early check in, baggage services, and a transport lounge. Additionally, a residential and business area including 100 guest rooms, conference halls, and retail spaces supported by an entertainment area, an observation deck, gardens, walking trails, playgrounds, and dining outlets.

Sweeps across the highways of the United Arab Emirates, X Space sees natural flora

Al Madheef Main Entrance Rendering and connectivity with the airport.

Fractal structure: growing it recursively from a unit structure.