The Future of transportation

Location      Al-Ain, UAE
Total GFA    3,000 sq.m
Status          Unbuilt
Client           Competition entry

Interior Design
Landscape Design

Principle Architect

Mouaz Abouzaid

Operating as a transportation hub with a futuristic feel, the Al Ain bus station takes the form of a spaceship for easy access to buses and ease of circulation for people. A study of the existing facility provided this futuristic looking model for both a practical and aesthetic purpose. Under one side of the bus station’s canopy, cars and taxis drop off passengers, while on the other side, buses arrive and depart. Sandwiched between these two sides, and within sight of both, is a waiting room. Although complex, the structure ensures an experience of openness, simplicity, and clarity of form. It is designed to help passengers orient themselves, whether
they are boarding buses or descending to other emirates stations.

Designed as an urbanized public bridge, the Al Ain bus station is also mean to connect communities on either side of the building’s canopy. The paths of passengers also determine the geometry of the spaces within. Large entrances at both ends of the station welcome and guide visitors up to the elevated public zones lined with shops and other amenities.

Entrance & Exit Elevation.
Main Elevation.

Bus Station different views illustrating passenger arrival.